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ClearSky Climate Solutions for all of your carbon offset needs

For our shared future...

ClearSky Climate Solutions

Emerald Certified Seminars is happy to announce our partnership with ClearSky Climate Solutions, a high-quality carbon offset provider. ClearSky has estimated the greenhouse gas emissions from our upcoming national Emerald Certified Seminar launch, and they have donated certified carbon offsets to balance out our carbon footprint.

The carbon offsets come from ClearSky’s Panama Native Species Reforestation Project, which has been certified to demonstrate the project’s outstanding biodiversity and sustainable development benefits.

•Working with forest carbon project proponents and investors – to bring their projects to market under the highest standards;

•Collaborating with national governments and implementers on Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) readiness activities;

•Supporting forest dependent communities to ensure the inclusion of robust and effective social and environmental safeguards in REDD projects; and

•Performing carbon footprint assessments and carbon reduction services for groups and individuals.

Visit their website to learn more!