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Don't get discouraged by where you are on your Brilliantly Green journey. Remember every eco-expert was a novice at some point too!

Melissa Wagner-Gens

Emerald's "Other Event Professionals" Pledge

Chances are, sometime in your professional career, you've run into a competitor who refused to share knowledge with you either because they felt you didn't deserve it or they wanted to keep that information for themselves. In our circle, we call those people Mean Green Queens. They don't want you to grow because if you do, you might outshine them one day.

Here at Emerald Certified Seminars, we don't believe in that idea. Instead we all strive to be the best Chica Verde we can be.

"What is a Chica Verde?" you might ask. A Chica Verde exists to better the world by helping others gain the sustainable knowledge they need to plan Brilliantly Green events. We do this with humor and panache. Instead of hoarding green event knowledge, we're dying to share it!

Think of us as your Green Girlfriend. We're suggesting all planners and vendors should have access to the same Brilliantly Green knowledge base, as well as a fun and exciting community where green social event best practices can be shared freely and built upon. And every once in a while, getting together for some Chica Verde Bonding over organic cocktails. ;o)

And that's our pledge to you. We will do whatever we can to help you learn about, educate your clients about and plan Brilliantly Green events in a way that makes you think "Wow. I think I found my new eco-chic bestie!"