Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: Does Emerald Certified Seminars come in any other languages besides English

A1: Currently we only offer English versions of our certifications, but we have lovely visions of translating Emerald Certified Seminars into Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Portugese, and Klingon in the next few years...OK, we admit, the Klingon version is just our Chief Computer Geek's pipe dream, but the rest of that statement is true! :)

Q2: If I become Emerald Certified, does that mean I'll be able to plan weddings and events?

A2: This reminds us of a joke about the woman with the broken leg that asks her doctor if she'll be able to dance once she gets the cast off. After he responds that she will be able to dance, She says "Great! I've always wanted to be a ballerina!"

Emerald Certified Seminars is not here to teach you event basics like budgets, scheduling, and basic event knowledge. Melissa teaches that here. We teach you how to take your event experience and make it Brilliantly Green.

Q3: Got a question we haven't answered?

A3: Send us an email and let us know how we can help answer you!