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Here at Emerald Certified Seminars, we take our "tree-hugger" status very seriously! =o)

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Emerald's Brilliantly Green Business Practices

Emerald Certified Seminars, like its parent company - Emerald Events & Weddings, believes in conducting brilliantly green business. We have a three pronged approach to this concept -

1. Ourselves - We continually strive to make our office environment as sustainable as possible

2. Other Event Professionals - We educate, not intimidate event professionals in "the ways of the Emerald"

3.One World Community - From Charitable donations to local business support, we strive to help

Here is how we are bettering our own company

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Find out the difference between a Mean Green Queen and a Chica Verde.

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We consider it an honor to help those around us.

We're committed to sourcing 75% of our vendor needs locally and /or from sustainable sources. We also donate $10 dollars of each certification course to various charities including Heifer International & the Seva foundation.

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