Our Brilliantly Green Beliefs

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1. We party goddesses here at Emerald Certified Seminars believe everyone deserves a fantastic party at least once in their life, regardless of race, shape, sexual orientation, location, political views, hair color, or coffee preference.

2. We believe in fantastic eco-chic parties & we will do everything in our power to give you the information you need to to develop, design and decorate for those events.

3. We believe most brides & planners want to be green, they just need guidance on how to do that without using mung bean wedding cake & drum circles. (no offense to mung bean bakers and senior drum circle leaders). =o)

4. Our goal is to get all planners and event related businesses the training they need to throw amazingly eco-chic events!

5. We believe in teaching by brilliantly green example, not by shaming people into sustainability

We believe all sustainable event community should embrace and educate themselves and those around them.

Our Green Office Practices

  • We work in natural light roughly 80% of the time. This really reduces our electricity consuption
  • The Emerald Certified staff telecommutes. No commute = no carbon emissions, no screaming in a car at other people, and the ability to hold skype calls in our fuzzy bunny slippers.
  • Our certification packets are printed doublesided on recycled paper and our 3-ring binders are constructed with recycled materials
  • We donate 10$ of every certification sold to various charities including Heifer International, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Seva Foundation, and many others.
  • We belong to Green America.
  • We are 100% minority owned. Go, women! ;)
  • We strive to encourage an environment of support, laughter, and brilliantly green ideas with our students.
  • We are passionate about local singers and songwriters and have helped crowdfund several local chanteuses! What can we say, we love women who rock!
  • All of our employees believe in volunteering our time and energy for local worthy causes and we fully encourage that
  • We are striving to educate all event planners in Brilliantly Green ideas for events and small business. We do this through these certification courses, online and in print articles and one on one mentoring with Melissa
  • We recycle, upcycle, and generally try to give every item we own the cradle to cradle lifecycle.
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