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Melissa Wagner-Gens

Chief Chica Verde

A Welcome Note from the Chief Chica Verde

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Nicknames: Missy, W-G, the artist formerly known as Dub G
Do you wish on stars? Of course!
What’s your sign? "Caution, Curves Ahead"
Favorite adult beverage: Being from Colorado and living in Texas, I’m spoiled by tasty local microbrews. A couple faves are Franconia Hefeweizen & Ska’s Nefarious Ten Pin Porter. For mixed drinks, give me a Moody June Gin and Tonic anytime!
Favorite animal? I’m a honeybee girl from a long line of beekeepers. It’s what my name means and I'm amazed by how much they touch all of our lives.
Favorite charity: I have many but has always been one of my favorites.
Favorite color: Green of course! Always has been. I think it comes from being a “May” baby
If you were a Muppet, which one would you be and why? I’m told I resemble the Swedish Chef in the kitchen because I cook dramatically and occasionally launch items in the air accidentally.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? A swirly peacock combo of Shimmering purple, blue & green. Hey you didn’t say it had to be a traditional color…
Favorite Day Of The Year? Christmas Eve
Scary Movies Or Happy Endings? Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After. . .Always :).
Person you’d most like to meet: Hildegard of Bingen - She's the original Chica Verde! :)
Song you’d be embarrassed to admit you know all the words to: Barney’s “we’re a happy family” song.
Who is your muse/inspiration? My niece and nephews and all their friends. I want them to be able to play and hike and swim in the same wild wonderful world I did growing up.