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Erich Gens

Chief Computer Geek

Nicknames: None I'll admit to on here.
Favorite Adult Beverage: Too many to list here
Do you wish on stars? Not any more. And I'm really considering suing Disney for false advertising.
What’s your sign? Virgo
Favorite animal: Elephant, but I can't remember why.
Favorite charity: Heifer International
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: See "adult beverages" above
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? That weird Yellow/Green one, cause that one lasts forever.
Favorite Day Of The Year? March 14th, Pi Day.
If you were a Muppet which one would you be and why? Beaker, cause I like blowing stuff up.
Who do you miss most? My grandmother
Person you’d most like to meet: Morpheus.
Song you’d be embarrassed to admit you know all the words to:
What are you passionate about? Making Cool Stuff.
Who is your muse/inspiration? Nicola Tesla