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Bre Martin

Social Media Asst Chica Verde

Nicknames: Bre- my real name is Breanna; Breezie; Brebre; Banana
Occupation: Social Media Chica Verde for Emerald Events and Weddings
Do you wish on stars? Not so much on stars because I rarely see a falling one. I do make a wish every time it’s 11:11 =)
What’s your sign? I’m a Leo/Virgo cusp because my birthday is the day it changes
Favorite animal: I really like dragons. I was told once that my inner animal spirit would be a dragon- super loyal and protecting of those I love.
Favorite charity: Make-a-Wish and Children’s Medical Center
Favorite color: Aquamarine or royal purple
Would you bungee jump? Planning on it this summer! Along with skydiving.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Something in-between deep purple and lilac
Favorite Day Of The Year? New Years Day, right after midnight. There’s something magical about having an entire year to try something new… Like hitting a refresh button.
Scary Movies Or Happy Endings? Happy endings all the way! I’m such a wuss.
Summer or winter? I’m a summer girl to the core.
Person you’d most like to meet: Living: Channing Tatum. What? He’s hot.
Song you’d be embarrassed to admit you know all the words to: Toxic by Britney Spears.
What are you passionate about? Children, volunteering, and travel. My greatest experience was volunteering at Children’s Medical Center in the cancer playroom. It was absolutely humbling.
Who is your muse/inspiration? My mom. She’s the strongest woman I know.